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Todd has an extensive history and passion for telling stories. He has been developing and producing campaigns for over 20 years and has traveled around the world telling the stories on college campuses, with the United Nations, and as the creative director for Paper Napkin Marketing. The inspiration for I AM… comes from his own experience of living with stereotypes and labels and his commitment to inspire others to define who they are and celebrate the full potential of every human. He is proud his work has created conversations, kindness, and brought together small and large businesses to make a meaningful difference in their community.


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alexander gonzalez

Inspired by powerful messages videos bring us, Alexander began creating stylistic photo and video productions. With years of experience behind the camera and front row post production, Alex brings visual, physiological, and emotional effects to his work to fully connect with people and truly share one's message. Highlighting every detail matters when bringing communities together and sharing individuals uniqueness through the I AM… project. He knows the power of one mind and what an entire community can do together!


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Alison is dedicated to connecting and bringing to life I AM… participant’s expressions, words, and stories. Alison’s commitment to the I AM… experience comes from her love of people and vision for a world that spreads kindness, compassion, and celebrates differences. Her goal in front and behind the camera is to come together with participants to send a message of unity and join them in the belief that collectively as a community we are stronger together. Alison continues to make a meaningful difference by bringing her passion, purpose, and talents to every I AM… experience!


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Alex brings together her passion for education, photography, and humans when photographing I AM… experience participants! With over ten years experience she has traveled across the United States inspiring young people to own their potential and be celebrated for their uniqueness. She knows the power of a photo! Alex creates a connection with participants in front of and behind the camera and is committed to taking photos that tell the story and celebrate each and every I AM… participant! She is passionate and committed to empowering and helping communities come together!